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Horse Safety Part 1 - Noise & Movement

At Forest Park Riding School our most important focus is safety!

This blog post is part of my 'Horse Safety Series' of blogs written to give your child some extra theory about safety around horses. A suggestion is that you read this article with your child and if they have any questions during their lesson time about this content, they are more than welcome to ask questions to their instructor!

The focus of this blog is: Noise & Movement around horses.

Horses are very sensitive to noise and movements!

These are a few important points to remember when you are around horses. Have you ever been frightened by loud thunder? Horses are very similar! They can get scared by loud noises such as squeeling, crying or yelling. It is very important that when you are near horses you speak softly and remember to have an inside voice. Also remember that if you are walking over loud ground such as metal or leaves, to walk slowly and don't jump around so that you don't scare the ponies.

Have you ever been frightened by someone sneaking up behind you? Horses also can become frightened if they do not know you are there. Remember that you should never sneak up behind a horse because they may get a fright! If you are near a horse, speak slowly and softly, but make sure you are loud enough that they can hear you and don't become frightened.

Have you ever been frightened by a fast car or a falling branch of a tree? Horses also can become frightened by fast and sudden movements. It is important that when you are near horses that you are very calm and slow with your movements. Try not to run, jump or throw things.

If you are having a lesson, it is important to listen to instructions from your instructor. When you listen it is easier to hear important safety information and instructions.

Remember to be calm, slow and sensible around horses. :)

I hope that this post has given you some helpful safety information for when you are around horses. Please feel free to ask any questions to your instructor. Thank you Alyssa Hughes

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