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Fun and Safe Trail Riding

Trail Riding is a fun way to enjoy a nice ride on your pony with friends and enjoy some sunshine! You can go for trail rides in many places, such as: paddocks, forests, parks and the beach.

On trail rides you can also look around at your environment and see many different things. There are a lot of different plants and animals all around you! Sometimes if you are at the top of a hill, you can see far away! When you trail ride in Canberra you can often see places such as Telstra Tower, Government House, Lake Burley Griffin and The National Arboretum.

You can go on trail rides with large groups of people or small groups of people, but it is always recommended that you go with someone else and that other people know where you are going.

It is recommeded to start off slowly and make sure that the horses are happy in their new environment. Walking is just as much fun as it allows you to look at the scenery and talk to your friends! As you return home it is always important to ride slowly and let your horses relax.

When you go on trail rides it is also important to remember that because it is a different environment, there are some new hazards to be aware of:

  • Other Animals - it is important to be aware and look out for other animals around you. This includes dogs, birds, kangaroos, rabbits, wombats and reptiles. If you see an animal such as the ones mentioned, be nice and quiet and tell your instructor know. It is important not to scream or yell as this can frighten your horse, other horses and also other animals. If you are quiet you may get to observe the animal in the natural environment. Just remember not to get too close and if it is in your way, wait to let it pass.

  • Other Horses - when riding it is important to be aware and respectful of other horse riders. You should never come up too fast behind other riders as you may give their horses a fright.

  • Uneven ground - be aware of the ground your horses are walking on. Sometimes it can be rocky or bumpy. Go very slowly over uneven ground to let your horses be balanced and confident. Also be on the look out for rabbit holes or soft ground so that your horse doesn't lose his/her footing.

  • Weather - Sometimes the weather might not be the best to go on a trail ride. If it is very windy it may be safer to ride in a familiar environment such as an arena. If it is windy there may be braches or leaves falling or rubbish and dust that can get blow towards you. If it is cold or raining the ground may be very wet and slippery and your horse may be a bit cold and want to go home.

Trail riding is very fun and enjoyed by many students and instructors! Hopefully this term you will have a chance on a nice sunny day to experience a trail ride!

If you have any questions about trail riding please don't hesitate to ask one of our instructors, or post a question in comment box below!

Thank you and happy riding!

Alyssa Hughes

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