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Little League

The Experience:

Forest Park Riding School designed a unique class for children to learn horse riding skills from a young age. These classes are 1/2 hour in duration run in a lesson situation for children between the ages of 2 & 7 years old. Children are led by a parent in a lesson situation. These classes allow children to learn a variety of horse related riding and theory skills, develop their coordination and gross motor skills and have fun with other children of a similar age. The shorter duration allows children to slowly increase their skills and stamina before riding in longer lessons. 

In little league we focus on developing skills. Some skills and areas of focus from our lessons include;


  • Gross and fine motor skills

  • Balance & proprioception

  • Picking up, carrying objects and dropping them whilst balancing

  • The use of right and left hands

  • Steering and coordination to specified points and around cones

  • Team building in fun game situations

  • Incorporating horse riding with fun games

  • Meeting other children with similar interests

  • Learning basic equestrian theory, including terminology, objects and disciplines

  • Learning basic riding skills including balance, steering, basic aids and trotting

  • Learning different letters of the alphabet

  • Learning independence and feeling a sense of accomplishment

  • A large focus on safety around horses and road safety


The 1/2 hour duration of the little league classes include the time for collecting the horse from their stable, mounting, revision of riding aids and dismounting. ​


Little League classes are run of a weekday afternoon during the school term, on weekends, public holidays and during school holiday periods. We can also organise pony rides during school hours of a weekday upon request.

Price List:

Little League/pony ride 1/2 hour one-off  (when available) - Child under 7 years $35.00 

Little League/pony ride 3/4 hour one-off - Child under 7 years $50.00 

Little League 1/2 hour per 10 week term


Pony Ride/Little league 1/2 hour Weekday (outside regular scheduled little league times) - Child under 8 years

$38.00 per child (less than 3 children)

$35.00 per child (3 or more children)


Little League/Pony ride 3/4 hour on weekends for under 8 years with parents leading.

(Minimum of 6, maximum of 8 riders) - Sundays at 10.45am

$50.00 per child

Important Information:

  • All children must have a responsible leader provided. If two children from one family are riding, two leaders must be available. 

  • Leaders must hold the lead of the pony at all times.

  • Leaders must be adults, or approved children over the age of 14 years. If approved child over 14 is leading, they must be confident and strong enough to lead a horse. Please speak with office staff while booking.

  • Please ask our instructors if you have any questions about leading, stirrup length, lead ropes, etc. We are more than happy to assist you with any questions about horses and safety.

  • Parents are asked to listen to the instructors for directions. Lessons can quickly become trials for all if riders or leaders take it upon themselves to create activities outside of the group.

  • We ask parents not to use mobile phones or cameras to take photos or answer calls while leading ponies during the lesson. If an urgent call must be answered we ask you to please stand in the center of the arena. If you would like pictures taken we suggest you bring someone along on the side of the arena. Alternatively you may ask our instructor to take a picture at the conclusion of the lesson.

  • Non-riding children may not enter the arena or stables at any time. For safety reasons we ask that they are supervised in the arena viewing areas before the lesson begins. 

  • We ask you to arrive 20 minutes prior to the lesson/ride to give you time to put boots and helmets on, and check in with the office to find out your pony for the lesson. Late arrivals disrupt the other clients and interrupt the lesson. For the interest of your child’s safety and progress, please arrive on time. 

  •  We suggest that if your child is between the ages of 2-3 and are very small you notify the staff so that special clogs can be organised for their feet prior to the lesson.

  • If you are unable to attend in your regular lesson we ask that you phone and cancel your spot at your earliest convenience. In the case of a pre-planned event we require 24 hours’ notice and in the case of illness we require notice no later than 9am on your day of riding. 

  • Please sit still and quietly on the benches when waiting for your lesson, as horses can become frightened with noise or excessive movement

  • For safety reasons, parents will not be permitted to lead ponies whilst wearing a baby pack. Parents attending with babies or small children will need to bring another person along to mind them.​

What to Bring:

  • In hot weather we suggest that you and your child wear sunscreen, a shirt with sleeves and bring along a sunhat.

  • It is recommended to bring along a drink bottle for you and your child

  • Leaders should be wearing suitably enclosed footwear, such as boots or sneakers. If leaders are wearing thongs, sandals or other open shoes, they will be requested to wear a pair of riding boots

  • Prior to riding a waiver must be signed by a parent or guardian

To Book:


Bookings are essential for little league classes and pony rides. Please phone our friendly staff on 62874888 for more information about Little League or alternatively send us an email at

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