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We conduct lessons which cater for children from 2 years of age to adults, ranging from beginners to advanced. Lessons are given in our indoor or outdoor arenas or the adjacent forestry area. Quiet and reliable horses are available for young and beginner riders.


Little League:

These are 1/2 hour lessons which are designed for children between the ages of 2 & 7. Children are led by a parent in a lesson situation.


We offer term classes where children can participate in a 10 week course held between 4:00pm and 5:30pm, on a weekday after school. The children have a 1 hour lesson, as well as a theory/practical session.

Weekend lessons:

We also offer 1 hour group lessons during the school term on weekends, much like 'Term', however these do not include theory sessions.


For inexperienced riders, a 10 minute session is conducted at the beginning of the ride to help everyone on, go through safety and basic riding skills. Please note that this is included in the hours ride.

School Groups:

Primary schools, secondary schools and colleges can be catered for during school terms. These sessions can be tailored to your requirements incorporating lessons, trail rides, horse mastership or a combination of these.

Please note that all riders must sign a current liability waiver before riding. These can be collected either at the office or online here.

Please note that our advertised riding times include mounting, safety gear check and dismounting.


Please ensure that you arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time of your ride so that your ride can start on time and also for the consideration of other riders. It is highly important for your children to have time to sit quietly before lessons to ensure that they are calm and relaxed before riding.

5 February 2024. Due to high demand for lessons  we have temporarily paused our waiting list for beginner children. 

The waiting ​ list is expected to re-open hopefully in August.


Price List

1 hour group lesson


1/2 hour private lesson - school horse or own horse, flatwork


1/2 hour private lesson - Grant or jumping (own horse only)     



3/4 hour private lesson (school horse or own horse flatwork)               


1 hour semi-private lesson - school horses
$75.00 per person


Term (10 week course) - weekday and week nights


Term (10 week course) - weekend


Little League 1/2 hour - Child under 7 years
$35.00 one-off

$275.00 per term

Pony Ride/Little league 1/2 hour Weekday
(outside regular scheduled little league times) - Child under 7 years

$38.00 per person (less than 3 children)

$35.00 (3 or more children)


Little League/Pony ride for under 8 years with parents leading

3/4 hour on Weekends (Saturday 10.45am) - great for birthdays!

(Minimum of 6, maximum of 8 riders)

$50.00 per person


Lesson Tickets

10 group lessons

5 group lessons

5 x 1/2 hour private lessons - school horse
Flatwork - $335.00, Jumping (own horse only) $385.00

5 x 1/2 hour private lessons - with Grant (adv/own horse only)

5 x 3/4 hour private lessons - school horse
Flatwork - $510.00, Jumping (own horse only) - $545.00

5 x 3/4 hour private lessons - with Grant (adv/own horse only)


Lesson Ticket (10x ½ hr private)             

School  or own flatwork- $670.00,

Grant or Jumping (adv/own horse only)- $720.00


Lesson Ticket (10x 3/4 hr private)           

School  or own flatwork- $1020.00,

Jumping or Grant (adv/own horse only) - $1090.00

Price List current as of  17/11/22 (all prices include GST). Payment method is by EFTPOS, cash or cheque by arrangement.

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