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School Horses and Ponies

A School Horses Life

Our school horses and ponies are all very special to us at Forest Park Riding & Equitation School! We have horses and ponies of different breeds, ages, genders and personality to give our clients a diverse, fun and educational experience.They are very carefully selected to be part of our team based upon their temperaments, personalities and work ethic. All of our school ponies and horses undergo a lot of training to ensure that they can best look after and teach our clients new skills. 

Our horses are all very happy with their daily routines - being loved by so many lovely children and adults in the ACT. They receive the best feeding, grooming, dental, hoof and veterinary care that we can provide and all love to spend time in their lovely big paddocks when they are not being used for lessons. In winter they are rugged and they are groomed often by our staff and students. Some of our school horses/ponies have lived well into their late 40's - showing how happy and content they are with their lives. Our horses are given a diverse range of riding activities at Forest Park - spending time in the 3 different arenas, playing games, jumping, flatwork and trail rides around the natural beauty of Stromlo. Every lesson and trail ride is different for our horses to ensure they have enrichment and fun.

They all love trail riding, lessons and just being around people. Every single horse has a different personality and teach us different skills when we ride them. Next time you have a lesson, ask your instructor what skills your particular pony/horse can teach you! 

School horse 7.jpeg
School horse 2.jpeg

Horse Profiles

Below are some of the horses that we have at Forest Park.

Our horses are part of our family and we love them very much. We hope you love them as much as we do! We are excited to introduce some of them to you:

Ponies and Galloways:


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