Term 1 2016

Welcome back to Term 1 of Little League in 2016! All of our Little League instructors are very excited to have you back again for this year and hope that you have an enjoyable time with us here at Forest Park Riding School.

For those of you that are new to Forest Park, Welcome! And a big welcome back to those lovely people who are returning this term.

A few notes for smooth running of little league this term:

  • Please arrive early for your scheduled lesson. If you are late we cannot wait for you and it is disruptive to your child and other clients.

  • Please inform the office if you cannot attend your scheduled lesson as early as possible. It is not fair for our horses to be saddled in hot weather when you do not turn up. Please see our guidelines for more details.

  • Please check in with the office before your lesson and then take a seat on the metal benches. Please try to be quiet and still, as not to disrupt other riders or horses in the arena.

  • I suggest that you and your child bring water, wear sunscreen and wear sun protective clothing this term. *please see blog on summer riding.

  • Children not participating in lessons must remain on the metal benches for safety reasons, they are not to enter arenas or stables.

  • All children riding must wear riding boots (with heel) and an approved helmet. These items are available for hire at no charge. Parents must also wear sturdy, enclosed toe shoes (be aware that these shoes may become dirty), you are more than welcome to borrow some riding boots.

  • Please be aware of where your child is at all times. They must alway be accompanied by a responsible adult. Please also be aware that your child should not get too close to the ponies front or back legs or mouth.

  • Please listen to your instructor for safety and directional instructions .

  • Lead ropes must always be held by an adult while your child is mounted, even when stationary. Little league classes do require children to be led.

  • While leading the ponies from and to stables, please lead closest to the ponies and ask your child to walk on your left. This is for safety reasons.

  • Instructors are happy for you to take photos. This can be done at the end of the lesson when we are not doing activties. Please be aware that while you are leading, it is not safe to attempt to lead and video and take photos at the same time. You may also wish to bring another spectator to take additional photographs of your child riding.

For further information about riding attire, lesson etiquette and a list of activities please visit our little league website page (found under 'riding'). If you have any questions, feedback or would like to discuss your child’s progress please don’t hesitate to speak to your instructor or alternatively email us.

We are all very excited for this term and hope that you enjoy it!

Thank you and Happy Riding!

Alyssa Hughes

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